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About Abra Kebabra

Abra Kebabra's menu incorporates both traditional and classical favourites with original and new dishes that deliver mouth watering food straight to your door. We take great pride in using only the freshest, quality ingredients to create flavorful dishes that reflect the varied taste of Burgers & Chicken, Kebab, Pizza. There are plenty of specials available for delivery or collection that will satisfy your hunger. Be sure to check out our range of mouth-watering specials and meal deals.

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6 St. Vedast Street
Norwich, NR11BT

Popular Dishes


specially cut fillet of diced chicken marinated & cooked over a grill






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136 reviews


  • Ordered 20 spicy chicken wings and I'm so happy as the delivery was really quick on a Friday evening (less than an hour) and chicken was nice hot and crispy! Just the way I love it.


  • Lovely.


  • I ordered but they didn't have what I ordered so I didn't get what I ordered. Considering I live quite close to the place they took ages to deliver. I'm sad because this has been one of the best but now it looks like they're slacking


  • awfull food


  • Good food but over 50 minutes late and kept getting fobbed off when I called, not happy!!


  • Yet again I'm amazed. Friday evening and my order was right on time! Ordered when left work and by the time I got home I had my lovely takeaway waiting. Had chicken sish kebab and garlic mushrooms.. yum yum yum!!!!!!


  • burger with donner spot on! chips good but cheese was cheep


  • Fast delivery love the calzone


  • If the person I spoke to wasn't so rude I wouldn't have bothered with writing this long as review. I ordered a 9” deep pan pepperoni passion pizza with a description of ‘double pepperoni’ at 3.33am. My order arrived at 4.10am. It was the saddest pizza I’ve seen (picture included). There were 7 bits of pepperoni. I called up immediately. The first time I called someone answered and hung up. The second call, I started speaking to someone who midway of me explaining to him about the pizza, he just put on hold with out even saying anything and someone else answered. This second person I spoke too was just rude. I explained to him that there were only 7 bits of pepperoni. He went on to say that he upgraded my pizza from a 9” to a 12”. When I went on to say that there’s not even 1 pepperoni for each slice, he said ‘are you sure there are that many pepperoni slices?’.... I said yes and I could even send him a picture if he liked. He repeated that he upgraded my pizza to a 12” and that he’s never had a complaint about the pizzas before. Then he went on to say that on the website it doesn’t state how many slices of pepperoni there should be on the pizza. At this point I was really annoyed so I said with that logic if you sent me a pizza with just 1 slice of pepperoni I should accept that. I told him since the restaurant is closed already they can come and take the order back as I haven't touched it and that I just want a refund. He said they will not do a refund (kept repeating that) but is willing to send out another pizza. I accepted. This is the second pizza I got arrived at 4.50am. It arrived with another can of coke which was nice but I told the driver that I had a drink from the previous order and that he could keep the drink. I was just so pissed about the pepperoni I didn’t even noitice the thickness of the crust. That did not look like a Deep pan crust at all (Picture included). The pepperoni is really different the slices are thick which you think would be a good thing but was not, they taste nothing like any pepperoni I have had before. My partner and I both didn’t like it at all. It’s just such a waste of money and food. I’ve had to throw out both pizzas. Wont be ordering from here again. Looking at the picture I noticed that there’s 8 slices not 7 of pepperoni. For pictures, go to their Facebook page under reviews.


  • It hasn't turned up


  • Fast delivery excellent service and good quality


  • Fast delivery and good quality food really love the food


  • I ordered a kebab wrap without salad, it came with salad and was cold


  • Fast delivery good service highly recommended


  • Poor quality again bread was hard, burger was tasteless